El Paso News Motorcycle Accident

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This year, there are couple of El Paso news motorcycle accident that should be informed to you in order to remind you that you should do safe driving all the time. Motorcycle is a very vulnerable vehicle because when an accident happens, the driver will have a direct contact either with his/her own vehicle, road, or other vehicles.

Man killed in motorcycle crash

The accident happened on 29 January 2017. A man, with an estimated age of 26 year old, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Central El Paso on late Saturday night, reported by El Paso police. The victim’s name was identified as Alfonso Armendariz IV who rode a 2005 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and was travelling northbound along 1200 block of Copia Street. The accident was happened around 10 p.m. and the victim rode his motorcycle at high speed, resulting in a fatal crash, said the police. The victim lost the control of his motorcycle and then hit a wooden utility pole in high velocity. The victim was thrown from the motorcycle and died at the place of the accident. What make Armendariz killed is that he didn’t wear any helmet. The police believe that the rider was under influence and high speed riding amplifies the result of the accident. The police are still investigating the accident. This accident is the first fatal crash in El Paso. During this year, it is the fourth fatal accident compared to 2016 where there are already 6 fatal accident during the same duration.

El Paso News Motorcycle Accident

Another man killed in motorcycle accident

On last Sunday, 26th of March 2017, there was a fatal accident that takes the victim’s life. A 65 year old man, not yet identified, was pronounced dead on the scene because of a motorcycle accident. The El Paso sheriff’s office says that they responded to a call in 6700 block of Doniphan, around 10:30 a.m. where someone called and said there was an accident involving a man with a motorcycle hit the rear end of a white Chevrolet pickup. The report says that the pickup was intended to do a left turn and slowing down. When the car slowed down, suddenly a motorcycle came in and receives a direct hit with the car. The motorcycle’s driver was reported dead on the scene because he was thrown out of his bike and then hit the road directly. The man didn’t wear any helmet and this is the cause why he was dead on scene, said the spokesperson of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Leslie Antunez. The area of the accident was closed for the police to make a further investigation for four hours.

Driving motorcycle is a fun activity because you can feel the wind directly comes into you, make speeding with motorcycle is a common thing. But, without a proper equipment, a fun activity can be turned into a horrible death. So, those two accidents about two man died because of motorcycle crash were caused by not wearing helmet. Those El Paso news motorcycle accident should make yourself be more careful in riding a motorcycle.

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