Minimum Credit Score for Motorcycle Loan and Related Things You Should Consider

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Do you know the minimum credit score for motorcycle loan? Getting a motorcycle is always a nice thing. It will spice up your masculinity by riding a motorcycle on the road. Feeling the gust of wind straight to your face, it is always refreshing when we imagine ourselves riding a motor bike. But if you want to get a motorcycle, there are a couple of things that you should consider. One of those is minimum credit score for motorcycle loan.

Credit Score

Credit score is a numeric version of someone’s credit level. Lenders usually use credit score if you want to buy something with credit payment. Although credit score is usually used in bank, but there are other parties that use credit score such as mobile phone companies, insurance companies, and motorcycle dealers. You must meet the minimum score in order to get the thing you one, in this case motorcycle. The number of minimum score is vary depend on the lenders. If you have a credit score below 620, I cannot guarantee you will have the bike you want. So I think 620 is the “standard” credit score in order to credit a motorcycle.

Subprime Lenders

If you have a low credit score, finding subprime lenders would be a good idea. Subprime lenders will let you take the motorcycle with credit even if you have a low credit score, let’s say around 600 credit score. This type of loans usually have higher interest rates, poor quality collateral, and less favorable terms as the compensation of higher credit risk.

Minimum Credit Score for Motorcycle Loan
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Interest Rates

Interest rates plays a part when you wanted to credit a motorcycle. The logic is, the higher your credit score, the lower the interest rates. So a person with a credit score of 750 will have a lower interest rate compared to those who have a credit score of 650. But, you should carefully choose a lender since there are some lenders which apply high number of interest rate, even though the percentage is small. This will be bad for your economy since you will not be able to pay the cycle and lead to your bike being taken by responsible parties.


In making a loan paper to lenders, a high credit score is needed in order to ensure your credit payment approval. But if you do not have a good number, then let your spouse co-sign your paper or anyone who can back up your financial could be a way make your loan paper approved by the lender. If your co-sign partner have a good credit score, the lender could consider your loan paper to be approved. The will not worry if you cannot pay the credit since your co-sign will help you later to finish the payment. It is recommended that you seek a cosign partner that will use the thing you apply to the lender, in this case motorcycle. So your wife or your loved one is a recommended co-sign partner.

Getting a motorcycle is always a nice thing to have. But in order to credit a motorcycle, a safe credit number to make your loan paper approved by a lender should be around 650-700. That is, in my opinion, a minimum credit score for motorcycle loan.

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