Motorcycle Accident in Ct Today

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Motorcycle accident in CT today has become more and more frequent. Motorcycles are one of many convenient yet fast vehicles in the world. It has the speed just below an average car but not too slow. Even there are a lot of motorcycles which are faster than most cars. Although motorcycles is used by many people, there is no guarantee that motorcycle rider will avoid any accident. In Connecticut, there are couples of noticeable accident.

Cause of motorcycle accident

There are many factors that can trigger a motorcycle accident. The most common factor of motorcycle accident are human errors such as sleepy riding, loss of concentration, and many other factor caused by the rider itself. The most common human error was miscalculating speed when taking corner, causing other incidents such as over braking or running wide on the curve. This type of accident usually a single motorcycles accident. Crashing to the roadway or sliding because of too much speed on a corner.

The failure to detect other vehicles also happened. A rider who have a concentration loss sometimes cannot calculate where or when to overtake, causing them to whether hit a roadway, or other vehicles such as cars or motorcycles. But, the most frequent accident is happened when a car or any vehicles is turning and then a motorcycles came up from behind, crashing with the turning vehicle. Because of this, intersections is the most dangerous place where there are a lot of people violating traffic controls and motorcycle right of way.

Motorcycle riders should be careful since they only wear helmets and cannot avoid direct contact if they experience any accident, whether it is fatal or not.

Motorcycle Accident in Ct Today

Motorcycle accident in CT

There are a lot of motorcycle accidents happened in CT, but the latest and quite famous one is the accident where a female driver crashed a male motorcycle driver into his death. The police already identified that the woman’s name is Cheryl Sienna. She is 50 year old when the accident happened on May 2016 in Route 149 near Rae Palmer Road in East Haddam. Police stated that she drove a Honda, traveling to the southwest in Route 149. She took a turn to a gas station on the left side of the road, hitting a motorcycle that was driven by a 24 year old named David Seaquist Jr. The victim of this accident was dead on his way to the hospital. Cheryl Sienna was accused for DUI and second degree manslaughter.

Another case is on January 2017, a single vehicle accident happened on Mount Pleasant Road near Reservoir Road in Newtown, CT. The victim is 42 year old man named Michael Defusco. The accident only involved his Harley Street Glide 2011 edition. The accident happened on Thursday around 3 p.m. The police were still investigating the cause of the accident. The motorcycle Michael drove was completely damaged and thrown out into the southbound shoulder part of the road, which is popularly called as Route 25.

Motorcycle accident in CT today is scarier than before, taking more lives than before. When driving, make sure you take full concentration and drive safely, especially if you ride a motorcycle.

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