Motorcycle Accident Orlando Today: Common Causes

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Those who read Orlando Sentinel on a regular basis very often land their eyes on news about motorcycle accident Orlando today, this may come off as a surprise to them. How come there are so many motorcycle accidents in Orlando nowadays? Whether they are aware of it or not, Florida has long been touted as the heaven on earth for motorcyclists and passionate bikers alike – coming at the top and followed with Georgia and Arizona, Florida even manages to beat Hawaii which was a favorite to many bikers.

There are many reasons as to what make Florida a good place to ride a motorcycle – the good sunny weather, smoother roadway condition, lower price for a gallon of gas, and population density are a few reasons cited by motorcyclists. Some people may question why Florida tops the list and not California as both states are nearly identical, the answer largely lies on its population density. California, being a densely populated state, has bigger likelihood of riders getting into a crash.

Motorcycle Accident Orlando Today Common Causes

As of 2010, about half of individuals who reside in Florida are reported to own a motorcycle endorsement. At the time, the number saw as much as 20 percent increase since the last survey which had been done five years prior – this only means one thing: the number of motorcyclists have increased significantly and may have surpassed the initial 20 percent mark. This fact reflects that these day, motorcycle has been considered as the primary transportations means for many Floridians.

Motorcycle Accident Orlando Today Fatal Crash

Florida may be a better and safer place to ride, however, this does not automatically mean that riding a motorcycle in Florida frees motorcyclists of the likelihood of getting into a crash altogether. Else the local newspaper would not feature such news every so often, right? Along with the increase of number of motorcyclists, an increase in motorcycle accidents is also expected – which is unfortunate. While there are so many factors that may be considered as the culprit of motorcycle accidents nowadays, the factors stated below are the common causes of motorcycle accidents in Orlando:

  1. Lack of experience

Motorcycles can be incredibly difficult to navigate and operate at a more proficient level, and this is one of the biggest offenders of many motorcycle accidents in Orlando and Florida at large. Accidents due to lack of experience shouldn’t have happened in the first place as there are a large number of motorcycle training places one can sign up to these days. Hence the reason why drivers must receive a proper and adequate training before they operate a motorcycle.

  1. Rear end collision

A passenger vehicle running into an unknowing motorcyclist who stops at a stop sign or at a traffic light is, unfortunately, still the leading cause of motorcycle crashes.

  1. Violation of motorcyclists’ space

Another common cause is other vehicle’s failure to stay on their own space and instead, yield and violate a motorcyclist’s space nearby. Reports show that more than two-thirds of motorcycle accident Orlando today is a result of other vehicle turning into a motorcyclist’s lane.

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