Prior To Receiving Your Motorcycle License You Must

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In getting a motorcycle license, prior to receiving your motorcycle license you must fulfil the basic requirements and go through a series of in-class and outdoor exams. You have to be at least 16 years old before you can apply to get the motorcycle license class M at the closest RMV Full Service Center. You also have to pay the fee of $30.00 per person to the RMV Full Service Center. Once paid the fee, you should go through the initial written test. This test consists of 25 questions. In order to pass the test, you should correctly answer at least 18 questions. During this written test, you are also required to pass the eye screening for basic colors and field visions.

Required Documents

In order to get the license, you are required to provide the required documentation. The standard documentation if you are under 18 years old includes document of date of birth, SSN or Social Security Number that can be verified by the RMV with US SSA or Social Security Administration, ID card application and the parental consent as well. Make sure to prepare these documents before you apply for the motorcycle license.

Prior To Receiving Your Motorcycle License You Must
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But if you are already 18 years old or older, the required documentations are a bit different. The document includes the document of date of birth, the residency document, the proving signature document and also verified SSN document. Note this, all the documents have to be originals. The RMV Full Service Center doesn’t accept the photocopied documents. Do not forget to pay all the fees.

It is necessary for you to request the alternative paper, oral exam or extended time in case you have physical or cognitive disability that can prevent you to take the standard learners’ permit exam. In order to make this request however, you should ask the Service Center Manager. Usually, there is a phone number you can call to make this request. Make sure to state your request specifically. Then, if your request is approved, the Registry Employee will contact you and schedule an exam. In case you have disability, make sure to provide the required documentation confirming about your disability. The document can be an IEP or Individualized Education Plan or Social’s Workers letter, or letter from a school.

If English is not your native language, make sure to be good at it though because English is the only language used in the oral exam. This exam is performed over a schedule so you have to contact the service center to get the schedule.

If you have obtained the Class M permit and you need to obtain the duplicate permit, you should come in person at the closest RMV Full Service Center and pay the fee. But if your permit has expired then you should go through the written test and pass it to get the updated permit.

Prior to receiving your motorcycle license you must know several important things. Once you have passed the test and obtained the permit finally, remember that this permit doesn’t allow you to carry a passenger. You are only allowed to drive between the sunrise and sunset only. In other words, you are not allowed to drive during the night. Wearing the DOT standard helmet is another thing that you must do. Make sure to wear the goggles and eyeglasses as well for the protective face shield. You are allowed to not use this protective shield only if your motorcycle comes with windshield or windscreen.

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