Recent Motorcycle Accidents In Georgia: Reports

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Georgia may have one of the best roads for bikers to ride their motorcycles and go on an adventure, however if there is one thing that the recent motorcycle accidents in Georgia may show, it’s the fact riding a motorcycle comes with a large number of risks. Learn more about the recent accidents that have happened in this lovely state and find out valuable tips for motorcycle riders to prevent this unfortunate events altogether.

Georgia may come as a second place in various surveys – but its inability to beat Florida as the best state for motorcycle riders in the aforementioned surveys does not necessarily means Georgia is any less than Florida. Quite the contrary, this state is extremely supportive to riders by paying attention to even the smallest details which may make a wealth of difference in riding. This can be seen from its roadways,  Georgia makes it possible for riders to find out the characteristics of the road it has with a comprehensive map – the map features four color codes which refer to each characteristic such as scenic, unpaved, twisties, and sweeping curves. There is also an added information as to what the road is like. For instance, the unpaved one refers to a road which is hard packed with gravel but is considered suitable for most types of motorcycle. You can take the scenic route, enjoy the picturesque views, make a stop at one of the nearby parks, relax as you eat your packed lunches with your biker-friends – nothing can seem to go wrong when you ride your bike in Georgia.

Recent Motorcycle Accidents In Georgia: Reports

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. As, other than the clearly defined road characteristics given out for information, there are still so many causes which may lead to motorcycle accidents. This fact is what drives the state to compile recent motorcycle as well as other vehicle accidents which has happened in Georgia on a site they refer to as navbug. With a few click and by entering a few additional data to narrow down your search to what is suitable, you may find a list of recently reported news on motorcycle accidents. During the last week of February 2017 alone, there have been more than six accidents reported.

  • A motorcycle accident that happened on February 20th on U.S. Highway 129 North of Cleveland in Lumpkin county, Georgia – this accident involving a 57 year old man who happened to lost control of his Harley Davidson as he was in the process of making a left turn. He was seriously injured.
  • On February 23rd, two accidents are reported to have been closed down in the directions of Spout Springs Road and of Interstate 985 in Hall county, Georgia. While the condition of both involved are not immediately available, it’s said that medical copper was called to the scene to transport victims.
  • Another recent motorcycle accidents in Georgia happened on February 27th, a man who was identified as a judge in North Georgia is reported to have been killed in a deadly crash in which he was strucked an oncoming passenger-vehicle.

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