Second Face On Motorcycle Mask

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As motorcyclist, the Second Face on Motorcycle Mask certainly makes a familiar product. It is a specially designed product for safety and aesthetic. Unlike other motorcycle mask, it has a unique yet sophisticated design. Despite of its intimidating look, it still makes a neutral choice for all motorcycle riders. It is also known as the Second Face on Goggles. As the name suggest, it is a full face goggle that is particularly designed to be fully functional. Of course, it comes with a variety of features. Let’s learn about its most prominent features to give you more reason to purchase this particular product.

Second Face On Goggles Features

From the first glance, this product does look very special. Its design is particularly unique and its quality is particular excellent. Its design can also be easily customized with various paint patterns. Wearing this goggles will make you feeling great because you know such goggles are not worn by just anybody.

Let’s continue about its functionality. Well, a good product always comes with excellent functionality including with this product. Its great functionality can be seen from the fact that this Goggle is great for people wearing prescription glasses. Yes, you can use this Goggle comfortably with prescription glass under this Goggle. According to the customers, this Goggle still feels to comfy when they ride up to 60 mile/hour with it. It shows how great its comfort level is even at highway speeds. The Goggle doesn’t even push the glasses. Therefore, the riders do not feel any pressure from the glasses.

Second Face On Motorcycle Mask
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Its functionality is also judged from its performance on highway speed. According to the test, the Goggle stays stable on highway speeds. In other words, it doesn’t move from the wake of passing busses or trucks or from the wind. What a great performance from Goggle right?

Furthermore, another way to see its functionality is to see its breathability. In this case, this Goggle definitely doesn’t disappoint. Even if you wear it under 90 degree Celsius, your face will still feel so cool. It is still so easy to breathe as if you wear it under cool breeze. It certainly makes the ride much more enjoyable. Under the heavy rain, this Goggle still feels great to wear. Although the rain shoots off its lends but there is no disturbing vision or doting on the lens. This way, it makes sure to you can stay safe riding under heavy rain.

Overall the functionality is excellent. It doesn’t give any disturbances when worn especially under bad weather including rain and extreme sunlight. It doesn’t also make disturbance even when some gravel from truck hits it. This way, you definitely can focus on riding without having to fix your Goggle every once in a while.

But this product is not perfect because it also has a few down side. For instance, it does come with limit of peripheral vision. Therefore, it takes some time for you to get used to it. Other than that, this Second Face on Motorcycle Mask goggle is just fine and great.

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