When Did Indian Motorcycles Start

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When Did Indian Motorcycles Start can be learned though long history of motorcycle in America. There are many people that consider Indian Motorcycle as one of the most interesting parts from the history of motorcycle, not only in America but also in the world. Indian Motorcycle is considered as the type of motorcycle that has long history and became one of the most famous types of motorcycle in the world. If you want to know more about this type of motorcycle, you can learn many things from its history that started from 1897. These days, you can find many articles on the internet that can give you a closer look to the history of Indian Motorcycle.

Motorcycle with Great Features

One of the most notable things about Indian Motorcycle is its color. Indian Motorcycle came with red color that became its trade mark. Red is usually identified as the color that represents bravery. There are some motorcycle manufacturers in the world that choose this color as the trade mark for their products. Indian Motorcycle is one of them. The history of Indian Motorcycle started in 1900 when two men, Oliver Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom agreed to build a company together. Both Hendee and Hedstrom have interest in motorcycle race that time. With this similarity, they decided to build a company that named Hendee Manufacturing Company. They made their first prototype of Indian Motorcycle in 1901. This first motorcycle used single cylinder machine with F-Head design (inlet over exhaust) that is installed on chassis that shaped like diamond. In this prototype of Indian Motorcycle the engine block is placed in diagonal position and it’s also used as frame that supports the seat. One of the greatest features that can be found in this motorcycle is its gear chain that is used to move the wheel. This feature is used for the first time by Indian Motorcycle.

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When Did Indian Motorcycles Start

The Development of Indian Motorcycle

In 1904, the company produced Indian Single. The prototype of Indian Motorcycle gained so much popularity so that the company decided to make some development by producing new motorcycle with bigger engine capacity and V-Twin configuration. This V-Twin configuration also became very popular as well. The Indian V-Twin motorcycle is first made in 1907 with 633 cc engine capacity and used the previous single engine as its base. This V-Twin motorcycle is also made in race version as well. The next development is the adding of mechanic valve that is done in 1908. The rear Twin engine is still used until 1909. Finally, the shape of this frame is also used by their competitor. In 1908, the company started to produce the Big Twin with 988 cc engine capacity. In 1913, the Indian Motorcycle company became the largest company in the world with more than 35,000 units according to data that came from the company.

One of the Best Motorcycles in the World

For years, Indian Motorcycle produced many new types of their motorcycle and became one of the biggest motorcycle companies in the world. Their motorcycles have specific trademarks from the design to the performance. Today, Indian Motorcycle is considered as not only one of the most popular types of motorcycle but also as the type of motorcycle that has great history as well. All of these began with a question When Did Indian Motorcycles Start.

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