Where Are Indian Motorcycles Manufactured?

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People keep asking where are Indian Motorcycles manufactured? As one of the top successful motorcycles product, Indian Motorcycles surely have a lot of factory to produce their fine and famous bike. Here is the answer to that question.

Earlier manufacturing

We know that Indian Motorcycles started to receive its popularity through the First World War. But before that, approximately on 1901, Indian Motorcycles has its first model. Shaped like a powered bicycle, Indian’s earliest factory was built on Worthington Street in downtown area of Springfield. The models produced there are Royal Blue and its optional black paint and Vermillion or better known as Indian Red.

Indian Motorcycles’ factory in Springfield is a legend. It already produced a lot of historical Indian bike. V-twin type engine race bike was first produced here, a 39 ci (633cc), 42 degree engine that won the earliest American V-twin production motorcycle engines. There are also a lot of inventions regarding to motorcycle models such as loop frame, transmission, forks, suspensions, and many other details.

The Springfield factory also produced the famous Powerplus series, which is used in the First World War. It has 1000cc engine and 42-degree V-twin flathead completed with side-valves. Then, another model was built there with the name Scout. It has 606cc of side-valve V-twin engine. This model make people enjoy riding bike and Scout is one of the famous bike on its era. In 1923, Indian Motorcycles produced its best-selling motorcycles with the name Big Chief. It is equipped with a 74-ci, 1200cc engine. The latest variant of Indian Motorcycle on earlier era are named Four and Model 841, where Model 841 was specifically created to aid U.S and the alliance during the Second World War.

Where Are Indian Motorcycles Manufactured
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Today’s manufacturing

Indian Motorcycles were bankrupt in 2003, but it was revived by a company based in London named Stellican Ltd. Its first and last design was Indian Chief with 105-ci V-twin type engines during 2008 until 2011. Their main factory was located in Kings Mountain, N.C. In 2011, Stellican Ltd. Sold Indian Motorcycles into the hand of Polaris Industries.

After acquisition, the manufacturing location was changed from Kings Mountain into Spirit Lake in Iowa and and the engineering facility were moved to the Center of Product Development of Polaris  which is located in Wyoming, in Minnesota. During the Polaris era until now, Indian Motorcycles started to gain their earlier success. The first mark of this is by announcing new engine at Bike Week in Daytona in 2013 named Thunder Stroke series 111 V-Twin type Engine.

A year later, equipped with V-Twin type Engine, Polaris produced its first three models. They are Indian Chief Classic,the  Indian Chief Vintage,as well as Indian Chieftain. The outstanding manufacturing quality was approved by a lot of Indian Bike user because they already did a lot of touring in thousands of miles across the U.S. Polaris Industries combine advanced technology and historical design of Indian Bike, which make Indian Motorcycles as one of the best and advanced bike today.

So, the answer for the question where are Indian Motorcycles manufactured are, the first manufacturing was in Springfield by the original Indian Motorcycles, then moved into Kings Mountain by Stellican Ltd, and now Polaris Industries have the manufacturing rights of Indian Motorcycles in Spirit Lake.

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