Where Are Victory Motorcycles Made?

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Have you ever thought of where are Victory motorcycles made? The brand name of Victory Motorcycles definitely makes a familiar name especially among the bikers. Well, this motorcycle brand name is indeed one of the most popular throughout the US with high sales. This is a motorcycle that has been originally designed and built in the US. Its production was started in 1998 in the northern Iowa, US. However, its operations were started to wind down in January of 2017.

The Victory Motorcycle is under a parent company known as the Polaris Industries. Its parent company created this motorcycle industry to follow the success that has been made much earlier by Harley-Davidson. In other words, the Victory Motorcycle was designed and manufactured to directly compete with motorcycles from Harley Davidson. So, the motorcycle has the similar concept and design including the similar sport-touring, touring, cruiser configurations and also V-twin engines. During 20 years of operation, this company has been producing a series of model. During the first 5 years of operations, Victory made such great sales. However, during the last 5 years, its company’s productivity has been declining sharply.

Where Are Victory Motorcycles Made?
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The first motorcycle sold by Victory was the V92C that was first being sold in 1998, a year after this company was established. This first series of motor reached good sales. This model was even said to be the second largest production motorbike. Victory manufactured all the components for this first model in Iowa and Minnesota. Only two of its components that were produced outside the US. The components were the electronic fuel injection system made in UK and Brembo Brakes made in Italy. This motorcycle used the 5-speed transmission, dual connecting rods, single overhead cams, fuel injection and hydraulic filter. The V92C used the 1.510 engine that carries 5.700 ml or 6 US gt of oil in the sump. It is particularly chosen in order to minimize the low oil damage-related risk. At the same time, it also allows larger dimension compared to other motorcycles engines including the Harley Davidson. Its top speed was 190km/hour which was quite an achievement.

The second model was V92C SportCruiser that was sold in 2000 and 2001. It was known for having higher ground clearance but unfortunately, it didn’t make good sales unlike its previous model. Victory Motorcycle kept on manufacturing new motorcycles and offered the V92TC Touring Cruiser in 2002 to 2006. This motorcycle featured large hard saddlebags, longer swingarm, new Freedom Engine and also re-designed seat. It used the 1.510 cc of engine to provide more torque and power compared to original engine.

And in 2006, the Victory Motorcycles introduced new series known as Vegas. So, where are Victory motorcycles made for this model? Well, it was also designed and manufactured in the US. Michael Song was the one who designed this motorcycle. It offered completely new chassis design. It is powered with Freedom Engine with 1.600 cc capacity and 6-speed transmission. It also has several other features including repositioned foot pegs and lower seat.

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