Who Owns Indian Motorcycles?

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Are you looking to know who owns Indian Motorcycles? Indian motorcycle is one of the greatest motorcycle manufacturers in America. It was found in 1901 with the name of “Indian Motorcycle Co.” by George M. Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom. Although those people have been succeed in building their brand, people are wondering who owns Indian Motorcycles now.

Who Owns Indian Motorcycles

Brief history of Indian Motorcycles

In 1897, Hendee founded a bicycle production company. This company produced brand names such as Silver Queen, Silver King, and also American Indian that was shortened into Indian and become Hendee first-line brand name.

Hendee hired Oscar Hedstrom in 1901 to design a gasoline engine-powered bicycle. He began the production in Middletown, Connecticut on February. Hedstrom’s bicycle was finished on May and delivered to Hendee in Massachusetts. Their product was proved successful because of the performance and reliability. They announced their first factory on Worthington Street in downtown Springfield.

Indian Motorcycles achieved its popularity during the world war. Its famous type is the “Scout” type and its variation. Alongside Scout, Indian Motorcycles also produced its best-selling product on that era which named “Chief”. In the First World War, Indian Motorcycles provides almost 50.000 during 1917-1919 and most of them are the Indian Powerplus series.

During the Second World War, Indian Motorcycles continued its triumph by providing vehicles to U.S Army. It produced Model 841 which was specifically produced for military purposes. Common people have limited access to this type because its priority is for U.S Army and their allies during the Second World War.

Through time, Indian Motorcycles continued their success but in 2003, the company went bankrupt and ended its production. But later on 2011, Polaries Industries bought Indian Motorcycles from Stellican Ltd, who own Indian Motorcycles from 2008 to 2011. Now Indian Motorcycles continue their production under the name of Polaris Industries, led by Stephen Julius and Steve Heese as the chairman and president.

The latest model of Indian Motorcycles

Polaries Industries first introduced their newest Indian Bike engine in 2013. They displayed the Thunder Stroke series 111 V-Twin type Engine during Bike Week in Daytona. In the next wear, powered with Thunder Stroke series 111 V-Twin type Engine, Polaris started to produce their three top models which are the all-new 2014 Indian Chief Classic, the Indian Chief Vintage, as well as  Indian Chieftain.

At Bike Week In Daytona  in 2014, Indian Motorcycles started to raise their popularity by introduced the new Riders Group  of Indian Motorcycle which provides link and special  benefits to each Indian Bike owner across U.S. On the same year Indian Chief received a title Cruiser of The Year from Motorcycle.com. 2014 also mark the newest type of Indian Bike with the name Indian Roadmaster, which has a luxury touring concept.

In 2015 and 2016, Indian Bike produced their four top models and those are Indian Chief Dark Horse, the Indian Scout Sixty, and then the Limited Edition Jack Daniel’s Indian Springfield and Chief Vintage. Which the latest model is produced in 2017 by the name RoadMaster Classic,

There you are, a brief history of Indian Motorcycles and some of its greatest product throughout their entire production. For those who wonder who owns Indian Motorcycles, the answer is Polaris Industries led by Stephen Julius and Steve Heese as the chairman and president.

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